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is the yarn structure in the cell nucleus which is responsible in terms of offspring (heredity). Chromosomes are typical for living things.

GEN is the "substance of heredity," located in the chromosome.

Genes are among others:
- As a separate matter contained in the chromosome.
- Contains information on genetics.
- Able to replicate themselves in the events of cell division.

A pair of chromosomes is "homologous" to each other, meaning that the locus containing the corresponding genes, called ALELA.

Locus is the location for the gene in the chromosome.
Allele DOUBLE (MULTIPLE ALLELES) is that there is more than one allele at the same loci.

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Known two kinds of chromosomes, namely:

1. Body chromosomes (autosomes).
2. Sex chromosomes / chromosomal sex (Gonosom).

Thomas Hunt Morgan
is a United States geneticist who discovered that the descendants of factors (genes) are stored in a unique locus in the chromosome.

Attempt to have this done on fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) with the following reasons:

- Quickly multiply,
- Easily obtained and maintained,
- Quickly become adults (age 10-14 days was de ~ adult),
- Flies many females lay eggs,
- Only has four pairs of chromosomes, making it easy examined.

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Smallpox disease (Herpes)

Smallpox disease or so-called 'Herpes' by the medical community is a disease characterized by inflammation of the skin forming bubbles of water in groups. Chickenpox or Herpes Disease There are two kinds of groups, Genetalis Herpes and Shingles.

Genetalis herpes is an infection or inflammation (bubble blister) on the skin especially in genital (vagina, penis, including the door of the rectum / anus and the buttocks and groin / groin) is caused by herpes simplex virus (VHS), while herpes zoster or by any other name ' shingles' is a skin infection caused by the varicella-zoster virus that causes bubbles in the liquid almost the entire body.

Herpes zoster is also said the infections to the skin which is a continuation of the chickenpox (chicken pox) because the viruses that attack is the same, only there is a difference with the chicken pox. Shingles is characterized by a larger bubble smallpox and clustered in certain parts of the body, can in the back, forehead or breast.

# How to Spread Disease Chickenpox (Herpes)

In general, all types of herpes can be transmitted through direct contact. However, in herpes zoster, which occurs in diseases such as smallpox (chickenpox), the process can spread through sneezing, coughing, contaminated clothing and touch up bubbles / blisters that burst. In genital herpes disease (genetalia), transmission occurs through sexual behavior. So the disease is sometimes suffered by Herpes genetalis mouth due to oral sex section. Symptoms will occur in the period 7-21 days after the person is in contact (infected), varicella-zoster virus.

Someone who has had chicken pox and later healed, the virus actually is not 100% lost from the body, but rather hiding in the dorsal ganglion cells in the sensory nervous system of patients. When the immune system (immune) to weaken, the virus will attack again in the form of Herpes Zoster which caused symptoms similar to chickenpox disease (chickenpox). For someone who has never had chicken pox, when the varicella-zoster virus infection is not directly experienced herpes zoster but had chickenpox first.

# Signs and Symptoms Diseases Chickenpox (Herpes)

Signs and symptoms arising from the herpes virus attacks in general are fever, chills, shortness of breath, pain in joints or sore in one part of the collapse, the appearance of reddish spots on the skin that eventually form a bubble liquid. Another complaint is sometimes felt by people who are sick stomach.

# Handling and Treatment of Diseases Chickenpox (Herpes)

In patients with smallpox are the most important thing is to keep the liquid bubbles do not break so as not to leave scars and a way in to other germs (secondary infection), among others, the granting of talcum powder to help lubricate the skin. When patients can not stand the cold condition is recommended not to bathe, because it can lead to shock.

Drugs given to patients with smallpox is intended to reduce the symptoms of existing complaints such as pain and fever, for example, given paracetamol. Giving Acyclovir tablets (Desciclovir, famciclovir, valacyclovir, and penciclovir) as antiviral aims to reduce fever, pain, complications and protect a person from the inability of the immune system against the herpes virus. Acyclovir should drug administration when the pain or a burning sensation on your skin burned, no need to wait for the emergence of bubbles of fluid (blisters).

On a serious condition in which the immune system of someone very weak, patients with smallpox disease (herpes) should get treatment therapy intravenous (IV) Acyclovir. As prevention efforts should someone get a varicella-zoster vaccine immunization. In healthy children aged 1-12 years given once. Immunises can be given once again at puberty to establish immunity to 60% - 80%. After that, in order to refine it, give it one more time when adult immunization. This acquired immunity can last up to 10 years.

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Rheumatic fever is very many kinds. Among the various types of arthritis, there are closely related to genetic factors. One of these was rheumatic genetic, such as that suffered by the son interested. Group of diseases caused by these genetic factors associated with imunogenetic factor called human leukocyte antigens (HLA).

HLA is a genetic factor that is in the white blood cells. In genetic rheumatism, there are HLA-B27. "If someone has the HLA-B27 in white blood cells, so he has a genetic tendency to rheumatism attacked, including the variant-variant." However, not necessarily people who have the HLA-B27 directly affected by genetic rheumatism. "There are other factors that trigger factors mentioned earlier," explained Harry.

However, the trend, people with the HLA-B27 more affected by genetic rheumatism. "The cause is still unknown, why have the HLA-B27 who was attacked by this type of genetic rheumatism," said Harry. That's why a thorough treatment of this disease can not be given to patients.

The disease is present in the blood, so it can be derived parent to her child. If a parent blood containing HLA-B27, then maybe the child would be attacked. However, not everything. "Perhaps because of certain genetic factors within each child, so not all affected by this disease."

HLA-B27 also has a different prevalence in each race. For example, African nation, the predominance of HLA-B27 was 0. On the white race, such as Canada and the United States, prevalence of HLA-B27 was 40-50 percent, and the Chinese race, normally 2-9 percent. "So normally do tend to attack the white race (Caucasian)."

That is why, in Indonesia, the disease affected mostly white descendants or those of mixed blood. Although no data would, in Indonesia, the disease is also a lot of attacking Chinese. "People of Indonesian descent own original lower risk," explained Harry.

Physiotherapy DAILY
To cure rheumatism genetics, in addition to drug administration on joint pain relief, physiotherapy should be done every day. Also, when you wake up, suggested the body flushed with warm water for a rigid body flex. "I help him straighten his back, calves, and practice using the heel when walking. Now, it's not too tiptoe back when walking. But he had to exercise for life, "said his son who is now eyeing about 17 years old.

Yes, until now, it's no treatment that can be 100 per cent cure this disease. So any drug that can stop the journey of this disease, particularly if related to his peripheral joints. Drugs that exist only to cure the complaints of pain in the joints. So, who could do is stop the course of the disease for a while. U.S. attack spine is still very difficult to cure.

Or physiotherapy rehabilitation program is also very important to overcome the genetic rheumatism. Physiotherapy is useful to maintain your posture and reduce dependence on drugs painkillers. Can also be removed surgically if necessary. "However, these measures still can not completely restore the body to original posture."

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Healthy Ways' ala Rasulullah SAW

Below are tips on healthy 'ala Messenger:

The Apostle is always calling his people to wake up before dawn, perform their prayers and pray sunna Fardhu, dawn prayer in congregation. This gives wisdom fixation, among others:
- Abundant reward from Allah
- Fresh air at dawn jim-dandy for health / tuberculosis treatment
- Strengthen your mind and healthy feeling

The Apostle always always neat & clean, every Thursday or Friday, he washed the fine hairs on the cheek, always cut the nails, use a comb and oily scent. "Bathing on Friday is compulsory for every adult. Similarly, brushed his teeth and wearing fragrance-haruman "(Muslim)

Word of the Apostle: "We are a nation who do not eat before we eat when hungry and not too many (not until satiation)" (Muttafaq Alaih)

In the human body there are 3 rooms for 3 things: a third for air, water and a third for another third for food. There's even a special tarbiyyah for Muslims with Ramadan fasting to balance the existence of health

The Apostle always walk to the Mosque, Market, field of jihad, visiting a friend's house, and so forth. With walking, the sweat will flow, the pores open and the blood circulation will run smoothly. This is important for preventing heart disease.

5. NOT Grumpy
Prophet's advice: "Do not be Angry" repeated 3 times. This showing nature of health and strength of Muslims is not the mere jasadiyah, but further is based on cleanliness and mental health.

There is an appropriate therapy to restrain anger:

* Change positions when angry, when standing then sitting, and when sitting then lying
* Reading Ta 'awwudz, because anger is from Syaithon
* Immediately ablution
* Prayer 2 Rokaat to achieve peace and eliminate the liver

6. Optimistic and NOT DESPERATE
Optimistic attitude will give a deep psychological impact for the soul, so remain patient spaciousness, istiqomah and work hard, and submission to Allah SWT.


To maintain the stability of the heart & mental health, then stay away from envy mentality is very appropriate preventative action.

Messenger of Allah said: "Mu'min strong is better and more loved by God than the weak believers ... .." (Muslim).

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Healthy Sleep ala Rasulullah

Healthy Sleep way Rasulullah

Indeed sleep to restore body vitality, relaxes muscles and renew damaged cells. Statement is not unfounded, as described in the letter of the An-Naba ', "And We made your sleep as you release tired." In other words, sleep is a necessity that can not. Many lessons can be taken from the bed. As the story Ashabul Kahfi, Allah third euthanize him for 390 years. It was a long time. The case is described in the Qur'an, "The essence of time is in the hands of God, to sleep in order to realize a devotion to God, slept in the right way." (Al-Kahfi: 18)

Therefore, to avoid wasteful aka sleep in vain. But the trend of the human desire to sleep longer and more difficult muted. Many mistakenly wrong with sleep as a rest. Unsurprisingly, sleep should be able to forget for a moment the problem load was again blessed his quality. Prophet never taught how to sleep quality. Sleep quality refers to the Islamic nan healthy lifestyles.

How to sleep well way Rasulullah? Before sleep familiarize themselves with clean ablution 'and brushing your teeth. Although it does not mean just sleeping offhand. Sleep with decent clothes, do not dress like a torturous exercise strict and oppressive and disturbing the tranquility of sleep. There is good before bed to clean the bed to sleep comfortable. Do not forget to pray and dzikir. By praying 'and remembrance of Allah willing, to avoid a nightmare.

Sleep with sleeping position skewed to the right and facing the Qiblah as taught by the prophet, "Lie on your left ribs." (Narrated by al-Bukhari and Muslim). While bed rest on the left side of the body of a health hazard, because it can crush the heart's position as a result of blood circulation to the brain affected. Sleeping position tilted to the left lead to someone having nightmares (nightmares). And do not sleep prone (stomach), God is very angry with such a sleeping position. While sleeping position for your spine backward by the disaster. It can suppress or oppress the spine.

Do not sleep too night, let alone stay up doing things that are not useful. "That the Messenger Rosululloh sholallahuallaihi wassalam hates to sleep the night before (Isha) and talk (which is not useful) afterward." (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim). That's not too late to sleep less have a bad impact on health. And recommended again that sleep is not an opponent with a magnet. So that the earth's magnetic currents flowing without interruption. And this position is suppose to bring a positive for the nervous system.

If you have been following what the Messenger of Allah, undoubtedly what is expected of sleep quality were obtained and maintained health. And when the blessed dawn was not overlooked by useless. (Annida / halalguide / medicalzone / asysyariah / Rahmadanil)

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Impact of Results The use of Genetic Engineering?

Impact of Results The use of Genetic Engineering?

* Mangku Sitepoe

Dolly the sheep was born on July 5, 1996 announced on February 23, 1997 by the journal Nature. On January 4, 2002 in front of the reporters stated that sheep develop arthritis in the left rear leg near the hip and knee or suffering from arthritis. (Kompas, 5/1/02) birth of Dolly the sheep thanks to technological advances of genetic engineering is called cloning by graft genes from the udder cell into an ovum sheep milk (sheep egg cell) from the parent itself.

Eggs that have been transplanted in the womb nurtured the sheep, after a period
pregnancy achieved the birth of the sheep named Dolly. So the sheep Dolly was born without the presence of the male sheep, as if like a piece of cassava sticks planted in the soil that would grow is called grafting. Since the birth of the sheep Dolly grow and develop in a healthy state, but after nearly six years began to emerge arthritis described in the presence of journalists.

Becomes the question: Why did the sheep Dolly was suffering from arthritis just announced to the entire face of the Earth?


Produced Dolly the sheep from the results of the gene or gene transplants that one transferred to another gene. Displacement associated genes. Type of disease found by B. Prusiner SB, 1986 is classified as a prion disease; in sheep called scrapie disease in 1787, can be transmitted to cattle-called mad cow disease in 1986. Mad cow disease can be transmitted to human Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease new variant (nv CJD) in 1996. While traditional CJD found in the year 1922.

There is one more type of disease in humans called kuru disease is also caused by prions, in 1957. Prion disease, also called "interference of the gene", can be triggered if the cannibalism.

Concerns prion disease gene or disease after 200 years and then became a reality, That from 1787 to 1986. So too it is with worry arthritis suffered by the sheep Dolly, six years after emerging. The incubation period of disease scrapie in sheep 1.5 to four years, mad cow disease four to eight years, and the disease kuru in humans eight to 20 years. Does arthritis found in the sheep Dolly, after six years is also a disease of genes or arise from the use of genetic engineering?

This question comes after the experience of the prion diseases like mad cow disease in the UK put forward by B. Prusiner SB in 1986.

Concerns arthritis Dolly the sheep is caused by the use of genetic engineering also supported by some results of animal experiments:

Experiment Guff BL (1985), the use of human growth genes to the embryo, is expected to appear good condition it comes to blind, immunosupresif, arthritis, indigestion, and others.
Similarly, research Arfad Putzai (1998) using the raw transgenic potatoes was given to mice given indigestion symptoms, immunosuppressive, stunt, and the presence of arthritis.
Does arthritis in sheep Dolly, after six years of his birth caused by the use of genetic engineering? still doubt the truth. Although the experiment Arfad Putzai opposed by many experts around the world about the accuracy of the study, but British Prime Minister stated that review of the terms of use biotechnology products in the UK. The second experiment is the fact that the negative impact caused by the use of GMOs.

The only health problems as a negative impact or actual use of the results of genetic engineering (GMO), in humans who have proven is that allergic reactions. But, well known that the gene causing allergic reactions throughout the instant genes and gene products withdrawn from circulation, so to say so far not been found again the negative impact caused health problems in the use of GMOs in humans.

As stated by Wallase, 2000, that no one on this earth wants to be an animal experiment on the use of GMO products. As for animals and some animal experiments have also found in the field such as the use of GMOs in crops used as feed material subject butterfly larvae cause indigestion king, became finally
midget butterfly larvae died.
The findings in the field of death cases butterfly larvae that ate the feed material GMO products and research results provide Arfad Putzai concerns about the provision of genetic engineering to animals and humans in the raw state. Other real forms of the use of genetic engineering that has been found is that environmental disturbance of seed plants that use genetic engineering to produce pesticides. After the adult plant pest-resistant transgenic plants to die and fall to the ground.
Bacteria and other micro-organism found in the soil has experienced the death of plants. Reality on the ground that the results will transgenic deadly micro-organism in the soil so that in the long run will give feared disruption of soil structure and texture. It is feared that the crop area transgenetik after many years will bring the desert. In reality the nature of the so-called GMO cross-pollination. Transgenic plant genes can be to cross-pollination with other plants, resulting in the emergence of new plants that can resistant genes resistant to pest and disease. Cross-polination can occur at a distance of 600 meters to one kilometer from the area of transgenic crops. So for transgenic crop area narrow and bordered by weeds is feared to rise the new weed that is also resistant to certain crop pests.
Use of hormones derived bovinesomatotropine result of genetic engineering can increase milk production reaches 40 percent of production is usually; as well as porcine somatotropin can increase the production of pork 25 percent of daily gain ever.
However, these two will produce a byproduct of insulin growth factor I (IGF-I) are often found in the blood and in the flesh, liver, and in the milk. Eating IGF I will give concern the risk of diabetes, AIDS and diseases resistant to antibiotics in humans, while the cow will give the risk of mad cow disease and inflammatory diseases mammary gland (mastitis).

Concerns the emergence of a negative impact on the economic use of GMO seeds are produced by genetic engineering is even called the stock final with seed making suicide fears of a monopoly. Efficiency concerns the use of GMOs, for example, in Mexico use the bovinesomatothropine cow milk production increased 25 percent but increased use of feed that the absence of efficiency.
Similarly, concerns planting Bt cotton in South Sulawesi Province to increase production three times, but when the subsidies are withdrawn suppliers remain efficient? Fears of the demise of commodities compete when canola oil is produced by genetic engineering could increase oil production a hundred times it will become extinct planting oil-producing crops such as coconut and palm oil.
Similarly, genetic engineering technology have been produced with varying degrees of sugar sweetness of the sugar thousand times normally, then the destruction of dikekhawatirkan sugar producing plants.
Concerns the emergence of a negative impact on the social use of GMOs is religion, for Muslims the use of gene transplanted into the food product will cause concern for the Muslims. The use of animal genes in food genetically engineered to consume a concern for those who are vegetarians.
Ajinomoto case in Indonesia in early 2001, Ajinomoto flavor pigs suspected of using the elements in the process creating one of the enzyme. The making of this enzyme can use genetic engineering using genes. All products that allegedly Ajinomoto using pig element in the process of making enzyme withdrawn from circulation.

The whole human cloning is a concern of humanity that will destroy human values. Animal genes were crossed with human genes will provide derivatives as animals, which is clearly lower values of humanity.

Concerns the emergence of the negative impact of the use of GMOs in Indonesia, Indonesia has imported various commodities are expected as a result of genetic engineering or contaminated with GMOs, came from countries that have used genetic engineering technology. Starting from plants, food and feed, medicines, hormones, flowers, timber, plantation, livestock and others suspected to contain GMOs or GMO contamination.
Habits will encourage the emergence of fears of negative impact of the use of genetic engineering
Disturbance to the environment
Planting patterns of agricultural products in Indonesia, a small area surrounded by a variety of weeds, with the nature of cross-GMO polination it is feared a new weeds will appear more resistant.
Without burning the rest of GMO crops would destroy the soil micro-organism in the former planting GMO crops due to the nature of the rest of nature toksis GMO. Long term will change the structure and texture of the soil.
The nature of GMO crops that can kill the larvae of butterflies, will give concern butterfly extinction in South Sulawesi. As we all know the famous South Sulawesi with the butterfly.

Disruption of health.
The only health problems due to the use of genetic engineering is already allergic reactions can be proved. The habit of eating meat, in Indonesia, has its own peculiarities in meat consumption patterns, there is no cow body parts that are not consumed. When cows injected with bovinesomatotropin, resulted in increased levels of IGF-I is very high in the blood and liver. For areas that use blood as food as well as taking the heart (the heart of Indonesia to import five million pounds from countries that use GMOs) provides concerns the emergence of the negative impact the use of GMOs.
Indonesia's consumption habits Lalapan, ranging from cabbage, long beans, eggplant, basil, and so if derived from transgenic plants led to the feared negative effects such as butterfly larvae.
Habits in Indonesia using the raw bean sprouts, soybeans may be used that allegedly imported transgenic soybean, it is feared the emergence of negative impacts such as Arfad Putzai experiment.
Habits of cattle feed, the weeds, the remains of agricultural products when derived from transgenic plantation area may have contained GM will provide such worries Arfad Putzai experiment.

Indonesia dominated animal feed imported materials, both soybean and corn bungkil come from countries suspected of using GMOs that contain GMO ingredients. Kuntet chicken disease has been found in Indonesia, is feared because of the use of transgenic corn and soybeans as Arfad Putzai experiment.

Disruption of religion and ethics.

The use of drugs produced insulin from pig pancreas cell transplants into bacterial cells, as well xenotransplatation using transplanted pig heart valves into human heart to fear their Muslim.
Indonesia has imported two million tons of soybeans and 1.2 million tons of corn and many other commodities in 2000 are suspected to contain GMOs, so that Indonesia has certainly been taking the results of genetic engineering. However, until now has never reported any negative effects from the use of GMOs. Never mind the negative impact of detecting the use of GMOs, to detect whether the imported commodities containing GMOs have not been done in Indonesia. That's why we ventured to put forward allegations concern the emergence of the negative impact the use of genetically engineered products in Indonesia
Dr. drh Mangku Sitepoe Former Staff Director General of Livestock Feed Concentrates Section

Note: Problem death of Dolly, the sheep was born as a genetic engineering interesting. Obtained from other sources also informed that the age dolly was born, the same as actual age of the cell. So, even though new born, he's really old. Genetic engineering is also interesting, that the system information from within a single cell is holographic. It means providing information to the overall from being whole. A piece of leaf cells, providing complete information about the tree itself. These facts are interesting knowledge.

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90,800 People Died As a result UK Alcohol Consumption (20/10/2009)

LONDON - Alcoholic beverages are expected to be the cause of death of approximately 90,800 people in the UK in the next 10 years.

This was based on a study conducted the University of the West of England, as reported by ITN, Tuesday (20/10/2009). In the study, revealed increased alcohol consumption from year to year increase among the people.

The number of 90,800 people who died were, can be prevented if the child could be reduced consumption. Deaths from alcohol consumption has been increasing since 1984 until 2008. In 1984 the number of deaths due to alcohol when it reached 3054, while in 2008 increased to 8999 people.

"It's now two years since there was a slight decrease in alcohol consumption and deaths from alcohol, but actually kept the overall increase since 1984," said CEO of the University of the West of England, Alcohol Concern chief executive Don Shenker.

The price of alcoholic beverages are increasingly affordable without a strict policy, according to Shenker would make English the state's biggest health problems due to alcohol effects.

In the meantime, Brigid Simmonds, chief executive of the British Beer and Pub Association, said that all alcohol-related policies have been designed in such a way as to reduce the consumption of liquor in the community.

"What we need is a new debate about the policy effective, targeted," he said.

England is known as the country with the largest alcoholic beverage consumption in Europe. One of three men and one in five British women drink alcohol in the British imposed limits. (STF)